About Us

Turf Innovations – A New Brand with a 20 Year History

Nearly 20 years ago, Dale Potts founded Mirage Putting Greens International. Mr. Potts had a simple plan – Revolutionize the Synthetic Turf Industry. 

For someone who had already invented things like the BlimpCam, revolutionizing a small industry wasn’t all that big an idea.

Back then, turf was poor quality and everyone offered the exact same thing, cheap, sand filled putting turf that needed to be replaced every couple years.

After many years of engineering, trial and error and good old determination, Mr. Potts developed Mirage TourPutt Ultimate Synthetic Putting Turf.

TourPutt Ultimate was the first synthetic putting turf that required no infill. The secret behind TPU was an ultra high stitch count, multi-color yarns and super high quality nylon goods. TPU was dubbed “The Turf of the Millennium”

A few years in, Mr. Potts developed the next revolution called “Mirage Waterless Grass” aka “Lazy Lawn”.

Mirage Synthetic Turf Products

Fast forward – many years later, huge levels of success and even a couple of new inventions down the line; Mr. Potts asked us, the Founders of Turf Innovations, to travel out to Las Vegas to meet with he and his wife about opening a deeper business relationship.

We had been loyal customers of the Mirage line of products for  over 12 years. While meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Potts, they offered us the opportunity to take over the dealer/wholesale business of Mirage Putting Greens International and Mirage Waterless Grass.

What does this mean to you?

As a customer, you can rest assured that our name may be new, but we’ve been here for decades and we have installed millions of square feet of turf and turf related products.

As a dealer, we are committed to our products and we are here to support and train you, so you can take care of your customers.

Turf Innovations and its family of artificial turf products is based on a simple set of ideas; quality, performance and beauty.

Our turf products are made from the highest quality materials available in the synthetic turf marketplace today. We’ve sourced the best golf products and the most beautiful landscape products to fit any project large or small.

From the largest commercial and municipal projects to residential backyard jobs, our materials will meet all the needs of our discerning customers.

Our network of highly trained and highly skilled dealers are customer focused and responsive, we will plan and install your project with the highest level of craftsmanship in mind.

A small sample of capabilities:

  •         Backyard putting greens
  •         Artificial lawns and landscaping
  •         Indoor golf rooms
  •         Commercial and college putting greens
  •         Pet safe artificial turf areas
  •         Playgrounds and municipal turf projects
  •         Indoor/outdoor athletic training facilities
  •         Commercial tee line and driving range mats


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