Artificial Lawns – Greener than Ever!

Green Lawn No Watering

Save water, stay healthy and keep your yard beautiful.

Over the last 15 years, advancements in artificial lawn technology has brought the meaning of green to new levels. Manufacturing sophistication and an industry wide commitment to eco-friendly materials has allowed for landscape turf products to flourish.

As the United States approaches 50,000,000 square feet of artificial landscape turf having been installed in all types of properties, the industry is greener than ever in all sense of the word.

Turf Innovations line of high quality artificial lawn products called “Waterless Grass” have not only been the standard for quality, we were the innovators in this arena.

Ultra Violet (UV) Stabilization

If you invest in artificial lawn and landscape products, you certainly want all the benefits including a lush green look. Turf Innovations landscape products are fully UV Stabilized and will last for years to come. Imagine going 8 years or even 10 years or more without having to worry about brown spots and dead looking grass?

Regardless of which landscape product you request, you can rest assured your landscape will remain plush, green and safe for your family.

Artificial Lawns Save Water

Save Thousands While Saving the Environment

Not only does the look remain consistent and beautiful, it does all this without the need for any watering or mowing, saving thousands of dollars in water bills, mowers, landscaping expenses and needless maintenance.

Saving water is only the beginning of the story. None of our products require dangerous infill.

Did you know: Most of our competitors use reclaimed tractor trailer truck tires, which have been ground up into tiny pieces as infill for their artificial lawns?

The infill process is inherently dangerous particularly when you consider the fact that your children and your pets can be inhaling dust and fibers from nasty old tires.

Tax Credits for Synthetic Lawn

Certified Lead Free – Child and Pet Safe

Now that you know we do not use dangerous infill in any of our products, because they don’t require it. You need to be aware that all of our products are certified lead free and pet safe. That’s right, no dangerous infill and the actual materials that go into Turf Innovations products are certified to be 100% lead free and completely pet safe.

Lead Free Turf

Green Yard and Tax Efficient

Given drought conditions in many US States, many tax credit programs are available to homeowners and commercial property owners. In some cases the tax credits come from the municipality and in other states the credit comes at a State Level or a Municipality Level.

Check with your local taxing authority to determine if you qualify for a tax break when you install an artificial lawn.

Turf Innovations is a leading manufacturer and master distributor of artificial turf products throughout North America.