Synthetic Turf is More than Just Golf

For many years there has been a misunderstanding in regard to the applications of artificial turf. Many people believe that synthetic turf is used mainly in artificial putting greens and athletic fields, forgetting some of the most valuable applications of synthetic landscape products.

Residential Lawns

Gorgeous and maintenance free lawns aren’t a myth, Turf Innovations customers have used landscape turf products in all aspects of their outdoor living.

Patio Turf

Front yards, backyards and side yards are only the beginning. Many customers have become pretty creative in their requests. Rooftop patios, partially covered 3 season areas, walk ways and pool areas are a few of the interesting locations we have installed synthetic turf over the years.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Artificial Lawns

Property owners across numerous asset types have taken advantage of Waterless Grass over the years. McDonald’s playgrounds, shaded side yard areas, entire residential developments and office building common areas have been beautified with Waterless Grass.

Municipal and Playground Installations

From playgrounds to main street medians, municipalities are taking advantage of cost savings, child safety and a greener look.

Turf for Playgrounds

Colleges and Universities

Indoor track and workout areas, artificial athletic fields and areas where students congregate (and kill natural grass) are a few of the ways educational institutions are using synthetic turf as a valuable tool.

Basement Play Areas

Yes, why not bring the natural look of a perfect backyard into your child’s basement play area?

Indoor Artificial Grass

Bocce, Croquet and Tennis

Even some sports which may be a touch less popular at home has been installed by our dealers.

Bocce courts can be tough to maintain and keep smooth and level. Well, have you considered utilizing artificial turf instead of crushed stone?

Croquet has been a staple in super high end backyards for many years. But it can be tough to find the perfect spot for your croquet court. Not if you have synthetic turf installed by a Turf Innovations professional.

Grass tennis courts like the ones at the Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island and of course Wimbledon offer a unique tennis experience. Turf Innovations can help you replicate those conditions.

Regardless of what you can imagine, Turf Innovations has the right synthetic turf for your application. Contact one of our authorized dealers to order the perfect synthetic turf product for your project.