Backyard Greens – The Complete Practice Area

So, you’re planning your perfect backyard golf paradise. Needless to say, this will include a great backyard putting green. But, have you seen some of the other capabilities of a Turf Innovations Authorized Dealer?

Inlay Chipping and Pitching Areas

Backyard chipping greens

Turf Innovations offers numerous high quality backyard golf products including:

  • Tight lie chipping areas which are specifically designed to replicate the apron area which surround the greens of your favorite golf course.
  • Rough chipping areas where you can practice those pesky little shots that find the rough.
  • Medium rough chipping and pitching areas.
  • Fairway turf, called Tee Line which will allow you to practice standard fairway shots.

Portable Chipping Pads

Portable Chipping PadsStandard size portable chipping pads are very popular and in our opinion the most functional and versatile chipping option available. A high quality 4’ circular chipping pad with a sturdy polymer base panel system will allow you to move your preferred lie around the yard and practice shots from numerous distances, angles and elevations.

Bunkers and Sand Traps

Backyard bunker practice

No backyard golf paradise is complete without at least one deep fill bunker to practice bunker shots. If you have some elevation change, you may consider installing multiple bunkers to be sure you can practice every sand shot possible.

You can choose white crushed marble to replicate the look of Augusta or a standard sand to replicate the bunkers local to your specific geographic area.

Full Swing Hitting Areas

Whether you plan to hit into a net or maybe you’re hitting junk balls into the woods, we can set you up with the most realistic hitting experience anywhere in golf.

Tee Boxes

Maybe you want to inlay high grade tee line in your own personal tee box. No problem.

True Strike Golf Mats

True Strike hitting mats feature specialized silicone insert in the area where you hit your iron and wedge shots from. This special insert is designed to replicate the exact physical density of a real fairway, offering the most realistic shots ever created in a golf mat.

Speak to a Turf Innovations Authorized Dealer to learn more about the products and services mentioned above.